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Encouraging Quality Lifestyle & Experiences for the Disabled and Care Providers.

Who We Are

Contentment and accessible choices of personal wear. We at Damara's Wings desire to affect awareness and comfort among care providers and the disabled.

Self-care while kindheartedly providing care to others, we encourage interest in self-care and those being cared for in your business. Explore, read, shop, and enjoy our site created especially for you and your well-being.

Caregiver Resources 


Taking care of a friend or family can be just as rewarding, as it is difficult. 

Most of us are not trained to be caregivers so the prospect of assuming these responsibilities can be challenging and scary. It is normal to feel uncertain or overwhelmed.

That is why we have prepared this library of useful resources for caregivers.


As a caregiver we need supplies. From books to scrubs we have everything you may need to take care of your love ones. 

To Be Loved

An MS Story

To Be Loved: An MS Story, follows the unexpected adjustments Trebor makes to provide a stable life for his precious children. '

Limited Edition


We Are Here For You!

At Damaras Wings, we value personal and professional caregivers and recognize your critical work. That is why we have created these online caregiving resources to help you through this crucial time in your life.

If you need additional help and support caring for your loved one, please contact us and we can recommend other care options available to you through one of our programs.

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