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Care Providers Need Loving Care Too!

If you are a care provider for a loved one or a customer/patient, you can use all the support and information available.

We at Damara's Wings are proud to have the opportunity to start delivering the love and care to all YOU care providers out there. We feel that by providing you helpful information, it will hopefully help make your experience more accessible, and encourage and inspire you to make your tasks a little easier and give you peace of mind knowing that you are not alone is our goal.

Obstacles and Challenges are Evident While Caring for Someone

Just know that you are not alone in this. When things get tough, remember to get help from relatives, friends, neighbors, and professional services. Remember to take breaks and care for yourself with a physical exercise, a movie with some popcorn, or even do some online shopping.

Very important to care for you own health. People who care for others often find themselves absorbing the stress of care, getting sick more often themselves and then not being able to provide care at all. Like with being on an airplane; in case of sudden depressurization, your mask goes on first.

Another recommendation is get to care from other caregivers. Sharing experiences will help everyone better prepare for difficult periods ahead of time. Take advantage of Damara's Wings commenting section on our upcoming post and share your store, and perhaps our community can share their love and compassions.

Other Resources for Care Providers at Damara's Wings

As we start out on our journey to provide a vast wealth of resources, information, products and services that will make your daily tasks easier and enlighten your heart. Check back soon the expansion of our site's Blog Posts, Forum, Knowledge Base, Resources, and Products geared specifically for all of you.

Damara's Wings - A Wingspan of Kindness

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