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When You Thought You had Seen it All?

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Her Purpose in Life When you thought you had seen it all?

One hundred years of age, she awakens and rises to provide care for her youngest adult son, suffering severely from Alzheimer's.

So often in the past, I thought about the caregiving responsibilities I provided for my adult daughter. I did all I could to safeguard and provide appropriate assistance throughout her life's memorable day and night. She depended upon me, her dad and care provider, to be available to feed, bathe and dress her.

Now, in my later years, I realize the narrative of a caregiver's life impacts elder parents and grandparents alike fully in their hearts.

The great hundred years of life, knowing a gentlewoman providing care for her disabled son, bettered my perception of a Caregiver's greatness and goodness.

Also, she too suffers from arthritis pain, spinal cord, muscle fiber weakness, and other ailments. Without a doubt, though overwhelmingly facing each day, she is determined to keep another strong. Greatness, at the age of one hundred, in her twilight years, she presses on in caring for the less fortunate.

With the clear and profound awareness of this wonderful mother/woman who demonstrates deep love and purpose, I could never measure up to the mighty blessing of the beautiful jewel with a goal in life.

When I thought I had seen it all,

Her comfort is invisible; she assists her son's groom daily with meal prep and household chores. Memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, conversation engagement, and behavioral support. She is a Mother, a Wonder Woman.

God Bless

The forever CAREGIVER purpose in life.

Just When you thought you had seen it all.

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