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The most significant impact on Trebor's life occurred when his firstborn child came into his life. And secondly, she is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her adult years.

Learning of his innate ability to be her caregiver and a loving father, her dependent life prepped Trebor for the most extraordinary task he would ever imagine...

"Step back from all the emotions, and aggravations.

When you do so, caregiving responsibilities will benefit both you and those you care for.


Our lives have a purpose. We've gone through many days, weeks, months, and years, which molded us into women or men who are supposed to provide care to others.


Each of us must take responsibility for doing the best we can with our own lives to assist others with selfless love and care.


Caregivers, you are great, wonderfully made, and loved. "The unexamined life is not worth living.". These were the words that came out of Socrates' mouth when he was asked to choose between death (demise) and exile (outcast)."

- Robert Sterling

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About the Founder

Author & Photographer

Our Mission 

The "Why" Behind Damaras Wings 

Unaware of the personal purpose of my life in my ladder years deeper concerns and compassion as a caregiver rooted within me while providing care for my adult daughter/child, as well as later marrying a wonder woman also diagnosed the same serious disabling physical and neurological disease. Multiple Sclerosis. As time passed, I developed the desire to assist in establishing "Self Help Support Group" for those with disabling conditions of various illnesses or injuries, a concern for wellness and a measure of awareness and happiness and understanding that one cannot care for best if self-care is not in place for Caregivers and Care Providers wellbeing as well. 

Damaras Wing's purpose = Sharing with a Wingspan of Kindness.

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