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Establish Nutritional Eating Habits for Good Physical Conditioning

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Healthy eating helps ease functional limitations and creates mental and physical stability growth. Comfort.

Come, set upon Damara's Wingspan of Kindness blog post shared for flourishing living for the dependent and Care Giver's

The routine question, "how are you feeling," has become even more prevalent during the pandemic. However, we know many people in the Medical and Health field are struggling with the ongoing crush during the COVID-19 bitter realities of challenging physical conditions.

With Caregivers' challenges during these times, their patients' loved ones and their mental and physical well-being have become a critical concern. In the late stages of the pandemic, mental health has weathered the turmoil of the epidemic. Then, the turn of inflation and food shortage situation ushered in the inability to nourish and properly exercise the body. The rising costs and lesser foods on store shelves have brought well-being to a new level of concern.

Your Glass is Half Full

Care Givers started their day with a wellness regimen that came naturally in assisting patients. Never the thought or conversations came to mind of empty tables or cupboards of food to serve or eat. Today, because it may be hard to know where to start or recover from replenishing good healthy food, we at Damara's Wings will connect and share as a helpful support Group would.

Tips for a healthy life:

We encourage anyone, in particular, Care Givers providing an assortment of healthy foods for those unable to be physically active.

The DGA - evolved, in step with developments in nutrition science, public health, and best practices in scientific review and guidance development. USDA and HHS work together to determine the approach for each edition.

Damara's Wings intends to inspire and encourage the best health and well-being for everyone.

Please read through the DGA helpful, healthy food groups and subgroup components. The nourishments listed with Daily or Weekly Amounts From Food Groups, Dietary Patterns at the 2,000-Calorie Level, and Examples of Calories in Food Choices That Are Not Nutrient Dense and Calories in Nutrient-Dense Forms of These Foods will raise the level of health awareness and wellbeing.

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