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To Be Loved an MS Story

Updated: May 26, 2022

Damara & Rosie
Damara & Rosie

Desperation and feverishly driven endeavor, seeking assistance to learn how to best care for my daughter.

Progressive developing challenges that affect the neurological and physical condition, is evident and difficult living day to day with MS complications.

The dependent life comes to the disabled, and preps another for the greatest task unimaginable would come to a caring person.

Providing abilities and compassion for the disabled are not mindful to one who have not been aware of giving such support.

Beginning new guidelines in life as a Caregiver, directs you into undertaking responsibilities that are not natural transitions to persevere to endure for everyone.

It is Damara’s Wings purpose to let it be known, you, the Care Provider’s are “To Be Loved” in your lives, as you extend love and care to the impaired.

Coming Up Roses

Refreshed hope and desire in gathering knowledge is valuable resource in obtaining relief for both, the cared for and the caregiver.

Long trying days and hours of uncomfortable waking morning and at night sleep at times are a struggle when lying down. To keep the loved one strong and happy, your unending efforts rejuvenate your and their spirit with faith.

Searching for information and later noted, using your cell phone becomes a powerful means to connect and enthusiastically contact the Northern California Chapter of the MS Society.

Contacting a professional organization is the start of the greatest part of reconnection to others in the community who recognize and understand your needs.

“Good morning, may I help you?”

Explaining my daughter’s MS diagnosis, and finally being aware of best directions to receive attention and assistance, the experiences and frustrations that came with questions, paperwork, and rescheduling of appointments with city or state offices, which led to unsuccessful endings, were finally over.

Hopeful relief soothed the excitement welling up within me, hearing the words,

“We can help you.” “You have come to the appropriate place to address your concerns.”

“Good morning, sir, I am Ms. Rose Johnson.”

“Please tell me about Damara and the family in general. You see, although you have come to the MS Society seeking help for your daughter what you may not know is we provide help for the family member who is the care provider as well.

“We are aware of the challenges of the diagnosed person, as well, the direct effect on the entire family. Therefore, it is our intention to provide the Care Provider, which is you, to better enable a stable home for everyone.”

Sufficient progress during the appointed visit, and provision of adequate forms and instructions to pursue specialized assistance for my child, offered new and promising expectations of available services from Federal, State, City, and County agencies.

At the end of the meeting, I purposely escorted Damara to Rose’s office to inform her of the present and future care she would receive.

It was evident that Damara’s heart was filled with gladness and filled with joy, which meant the world to her dad.

The inability to speak effortlessly, due to an impairment caused by MS, made it difficult to simply say, “Thank you.” He took her into his arms, a sign of acknowledging he understood she was happy. Although Damara could not fully express her feelings due to Multiple Sclerosis symptoms debilitating her capability to express her happiness, my heart blossomed like a Rose.


Providing an open wings span of kindness to everyone, TO BE LOVED. Encouraging individuals, families, and friends to understand a DISABLING DIAGNOSIS or INJURY isn't the end of happiness, love, and achievement. DAMARA'S WINGS! "To Be Loved in their story." The most significant impact on my life occurred twice. Once when my firstborn child, my daughter, came into my life. And secondly, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her adult years, and I learned of my innate capability to be her Care Provider. The dependent life she came to know prepped me for the most extraordinary task I could ever imagine would come to me. I found a more profound awareness of caring abilities and compassion within myself, I can only attribute To Be Loved.

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